PenSup Publishing is a small independent publishing company specialising in publishing literary fiction. PenSup also publishes a selection of other genres including poetry and short stories. Based in Brighton, East Sussex (United Kingdom) PenSup is interested in hearing from authors of literary fiction & poetry with a view to expanding their portfolio.

In the short time that PenSup has been in existence the eMarket has moved on apace. ‘Perspective’ by Pete Howells was one of the first eBooks to boast a ‘cover image’. Today it is rare to find an eBook without one. When PenSup was first established eBooks were just gaining ground.

Today they outsell physical books in Britain and the USA. (Telegraph Aug 2012)

The top booksellers such as Waterstones are now selling eBooks in Britain (Guardian May 2012).

Even the supermarkets e.g. Sainsburys are now in on the act (The Bookseller)


Some eBooks, from other publishers, are badly put together facsimiles of previously published manuscripts. Some rely on photocopying, some have been re-typed. Because PenSup care about the reading experience., all our eBooks are designed to be read as eBooks.

The e-versions of our books are always considerably cheaper than the physical books.




Pete Howells Paperback BOOKS are available from all good bookstores e.g. Waterstones, from Amazon, or direct from his site