Ten To One By Pete Howells

Besotted by the decimal system and at the sad end of a marriage Lorna makes her own dull world into something she can manage. Or does she?

“When there are nine, potentially ten deaths you begin to wander through the random streets of Madness City and then, at some point you begin to wonder if the persona, the character you have created for yourself is any more real than the one you created for your now dead sister, your parents, the babies or, and this is where it all began to make some sense, the strangers you pass each day on the way to work (well not strangers exactly – more like family actually) all with a life that you have created. All with a story that you have made up in order to make sense of them. Ordering them. In order. All ten of them. One of whom is dead already. And, to make things worse, the Sultan of Bling knows something of what you know about the deceased.”




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